For the next eleven weeks, we will be highlighting each of the artists in our new show, Engaging Women, which will be on view from March 8 – April 27.


Marilyn Farinacci received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art and Case Western Reserve University in 1981. She went on to finish her Masters of Fine Arts from Kent State University in 1983. From there, Farinacci began teaching first as a lecturer for East Caroline University. In 1989, she started working as an adjunct professor for both The Cleveland Institute of Art and Notre Dame College. Her work has been on display in many exhibitions for the last 40 years.


The objective of Marilyn Farinacci’s work is about SEEING SPACE. The overarching phases of my work through the years dealt with different approaches to how one may observe space in nature. Her recent approach to emphasizing how one may see space, is by painting multiple layers of paint drips which act as curtains separating space into plains that contain ambiguous forms and lines. While working on her art, intuition plays an important role.  It is the intuitive aspect that takes the painting in new unexplored directions, while retaining the emphasis on SEEING SPACE.

Inherrent Drama

See Marilyn Farinacci’s work in our current show, Engaging Women at The Bonfoey Galley, 1710 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115. For more information, visit our website. For questions, call (216) 621-0178 or send us an email.


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