The Last 125 Years

As our 125th year comes to a close, we look back on how far we have come. The Bonfoey Gallery, established in 1893, is Cleveland’s premier contemporary art gallery and framing facility. A staple in the arts community for over 125 years, the gallery carries artworks from some of the area’s most prominent artists. Bonfoey’s […]

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Digital Restoration

An alternative to physical restoration can be digital restoration which gives the opportunity to leave the original alone as the digital image is edited. Most photo software can enhance and restore almost all problems with an image. Add a trained eye with attention to detail and any image can be improved. Here is an example […]

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Disaster Services

The Bonfoey Gallery has provided fine art recovery services to the insurance community and its clients for over forty years. We offer repair and restoration of a large variety of art items and frames. Bonfoey’s can assess damaged artwork, repair, restore, and appraise pieces that have been destroyed. We are dedicated to helping our clients […]

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Floating Masks

The Bonfoey Gallery is often presented with unique and challenging works to frame. One of our latest projects included three paper mache Venetian masks traditionally worn for Marde Gras. The client had visited Italy and purchased the handmade masks from a family that has been producing them for generations. We were able to show different […]

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Marc Ross: Explanation of Process

Marc Ross works with acrylic paints and acrylic mediums along with pastels, pencils and color pencils on canvas and paper. He incorporates iridescent and interference colors to create light emanating effects as he builds up the surfaces on the canvas with multiple layers of translucent paint. Each layer is mixed independently using various brands of […]

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The Bonfoey Gallery is proud to offer installation as one of our many services and can be helpful to you in a plentitude of ways. If you order a frame with us, we can ship the finished item directly to your home and install it where you would like. Our professionals will expertly hang the […]

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Aspects Artists 3

The show, Aspects, that is now up in our gallery includes six of our great artists: Andrea Joki, Amber Kempthorn, Deb Lawrence, Dana Oldfather, Frank Oriti, and Marc Ross. For the next three weeks, this blog will show two of the artists. Aspects runs until October 6th so if you haven’t come in yet, we […]

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