Finished Mural

With the help of The City Club of Cleveland, we now have a new mural on the side of our gallery! APE MADE (Art and Apparel by April Bleakney) designed the mural and was chosen through a contest. From there, Inflatable Images hung the work on the side of our building. We also want to […]

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Leather Frames

Modern, chic, and unique; faux leather frames add warmth and texture to any piece. The frames are soft to the touch and are extremely smooth, which gives an amazing professional and clean finish. Available colors include black and brown, but these can show more distress for more varying color and depth. A leather frame immediately […]

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Shell Frames

Want a fresh and modern look for your home? One of the options you might not know about is shell-covered frames. The shells glow in the light with their opalescent finish and can brighten up any artwork or photograph. It could be used for a beach theme or in a neutral room to keep the […]

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Bonfoey’s Getting a New Mural!

The Bonfoey Gallery has partnered with The City Club of Cleveland and LAND Studio who will be hanging a new mural on our far wall facing E. 17th St. The artwork was chosen through a contest of local artists’ submissions. From there, we acquired a permit from the City of Cleveland to approve the image […]

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George Fitzpatrick’s Word Drawings

Ancient Inspiration, Modern Design. Over 20 years have passed since George Fitzpatrick last showed his beautiful drawings in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. For him, creating art is a personal experience for the meditative and spiritual benefits of drawing intricate lines and symbols on a grand scale. George Fitzpatrick’s love of reading inspires his drawings, […]

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Splined Corner Framing

A splined corner is rounding not only the outside corner of the frame, but giving a rounded interior on each corner. Below, we will show how our talented expert creates such a look. First, the frame is assembled and the corner is trimmed and sanded to a softer, rounder corner. The inner curve must now […]

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