The Lower Gallery

Bonfoey Gallery is lucky to have as much space as it does for displaying art. Not only do we have an amazing street-level gallery currently full of beautiful paintings by Julian Stanczak and sculptures by Barbara Stanczak, but we also have even more of their pieces in our lower gallery as well as pieces by […]

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Barbara and Julian Stanczak

The Bonfoey Gallery is happy to host Barbara and Julian Stanczak in its latest show, Harmonic Duality, which opens June 23, 2018 from 4:00pm-7:00pm. Barbara and Julian’s art will be on display June 23 – July 28, 2018. Julian Stanczak is regarded as one of the most important “Op” artists of the modern era. His use […]

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French Line Mats

A heightened level of elegance and extravagance can be added to any piece with the help of French line mats. This means that on the mat surrounding the item, lines of ink or gilded paper are added. The lines add depth and can also highlight specific colors in the piece by matching the ink to […]

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4 Reasons to Buy Art

The reasons to buy art are limitless. Here are four reasons why artwork can be important to you. Decorate your Space The most straight forward reason to get art is to surround yourself with works that bring you joy. Art can add color to any room in your home and can make you more focused […]

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Designing an Exhibition

Ever wonder how galleries determine how to design their space? What processes they go through to create the final product? Here are some tips we follow that you can be on the lookout for next time you go to a gallery or museum. See how many the space uses and impress your friends with your […]

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5 Tips for Digital Photos

Our smartphones make it easy to take as many pictures as we like whenever we want. Do you ever wonder what you can do with these photos so they don’t just clog up your memory? Here are 5 tips for what you can do to enhance the accessibility of your photos and also make them […]

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