For the next eleven weeks, we will be highlighting each of the artists in our new show, Engaging Women, which will be on view from March 8 – April 27.

Cathie Bleck, an internationally respected artist is best known for her distinctive works in  scratchboard and kaolin clay board.  Her stylized forms are cut through inks and handmade pigments, revealing the white of the kaolin clay beneath. It is a process similar in concept to woodblock printing.

Preserve Earth

Bleck’s work was featured in two American art museum solo exhibitions in 2008, The New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut and The Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio. Bleck’s artist monograph “Open Spaces” was released in 2006, launching her studio artwork into the gallery and museum world.  Her work was selected from 600 female artists in the collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art entitled “Women Artists at New Britain” and among eighty works including Mary Cassatt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Dorothea Lange, Louise Nevelson, Lee Krasner, and Helen Frankenthaler, Sarah Miriam Peale —to the contemporary—Cindy Sherman, Ellen Carey, Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Lisa Hoke, and Lalla Essaydi.


Cathie Bleck has been exhibited in over fifty exhibitions internationally and archived and displayed in the collections of The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Butler Institute of American Art, The New Britain Museum of American Art, The Library of Congress, Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland, Yves LaRoche Gallery in Montreal and Enid Lawson Gallery in London.  Her artwork has appeared in The New York Times, Esquire, The New Republic and on U.S. Postage stamps, Sony Records, Warner Bros. and Motown Records as well as the U. S. State Department’s Earth Day and World Ocean Day Images and classic covers for  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Harper, “One Hundred Years of Solitude” as well as “Dante’s Divine Comedy” and “Farewell To Arms” by Ernest Hemingway.  Bleck has also lectured internationally, conducted workshops, written for art magazines and been featured in many art and design magazines, most recently in an interview with Juxtapoz Art + Culture Magazine. Cathie Bleck resides in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband George Muschler.

Novel Shadows

When Cathie Bleck was a girl, she fell in love with darkness.  The tools she works with–pen, ink, knives and clay-became natural choices for someone drawn to observe and record the world in close detail.  Her art explores the space and tension between opposing forces. These forces in our lives can be profoundly good or extraordinarily bad. Bleck does not see darkness as a place of fear, rather choosing to associate it with a sense of risk and excitement. She sees and feel the most important part of being human as those moments when we have the courage to be reborn, rise up and overcome adversity.  What Bleck finds herself drawn to in art is depicting these exploring moments of transformation.  Not the condition before or after, but the state when something happens and we are moving through our lives.  That is the point in time when we experience courage, love and transcendence.  This ‘movement’ of life is a culmination of many pieces which fit together in a complex puzzle that shifts a little here and there, morphing over time.  Cathie Bleck’s intent is to interpret this outcome by utilizing interconnected forms, intense contrasts of tone and imagery, emphasizing the necessity for all species to maintain an equilibrium in a world of constant change.

Night Garden

See Cathie Bleck’s work in our current show, Engaging Women at The Bonfoey Galley, 1710 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115. For more information, visit our website. For questions, call (216) 621-0178 or send us an email.

Bleu III

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