Fire Damage Options

An unexpected fire is always detrimental and can cause a lot of damage. So many memories and special items can be lost. Although some things become ruined beyond repair, think twice before considering your framed items destroyed. We at the Bonfoey Gallery handle fire damaged items and offer the chance to possibly save them.

We first assess the damage. Overall, the easiest damage for us to fix is smoke. It can cover a painting and frame until the entire surface is black. We carefully clean the frame and glass, making it as good as new. A canvas can be tested and it may be possibly to use certain chemicals to clean the surface.

If the frame is partially burned, we can recreate the other corners with the help of our talented wood carvers and gilders. We carve away the damaged edges and build the shape and design back using clay. Then we can prime and re-lay gilding on top to return the original shine to the finish.

If the image is safe because of glass, but the frame damaged beyond repair, we can help reframe the piece.

There are times when the item might simply be too far damaged for us to help, but we are always willing to take a look and make an attempt. We want to save your precious memories and help you through such a difficult time. No one thinks a fire will happen, but there is always a possibility and knowing you have options can sometimes help the most.

If you have any questions, feel free to call The Bonfoey Gallery at (216) 621-0178 or email us at

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