The Bonfoey Family

three white snowman decorations
Photo by Barry Plott on

There are only fifteen employees at The Bonfoey Gallery. Out of those fifteen, around ten of them have been with the company for more than five to ten years. A few have been working here for decades. The point of this quick number game is to say that we grow very close to one another as we spend a lot of time together.

gift box surrounded by grey baubles
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As a team, we focus on communication and doing our best to work in sync throughout the different departments of sales, framing, and gilding. This way we can create amazing one of a kind frames for any project and finish them on time for the clients.

Like any family, sometimes we have our disputes, but our aim is always to find what is best for the gallery. All of us believe in the work we do and if we disagree, it is because we have found an obstacle and feel we could be doing better. Over the last 125 years, Bonfoey’s has had ups and downs, but it continues to thrive because of the great people who make the business happen. We all work very hard and take pride in our work. Our only hope is that you take pride in the work we do for you.

Group Photo in Hats NO TEXTDuring this holiday season, The Bonfoey family wishes you wonderful memories with your own family and a Happy New Year!

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