Glass Mats

Here at The Bonfoey Gallery, we have very talented gilders. They can create beautiful finishes with metal leaf ranging from a plentitude of different metals. The combinations are endless for the frames, and for the glass as well.

One unique option for you when framing is for a glass mat rather than a rag or paper mat. A glass mat is when paint and gold leaf is applied directly to the back of the glass, which then frames the piece. We only use gold leaf for this process as metal leaf is too bright. To create this technique, we take the glass and mark off where the piece will be visible. Then the mat is painted in the desired color such as black. The marked off tape is then removed to show where for the opening or where the metal leaf will be applied around the border. We then carefully add the chosen gold leaf or detail from the back with a brush, making sure to fill in between the paint. Finally, the gold leaf is sealed and the frame fitted to the piece.


This is one of many exceptional options Bonfoey’s had to offer. Since all frames are made in house and by hand, we are able to add special touches like glass mats to truly make the frame fit you and your style. Come in today to talk to an art consultant about how your next frame job can include a one of a kind glass mat!


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