Disaster Services

gray wooden house burning
Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com

The Bonfoey Gallery has provided fine art recovery services to the insurance community and its clients for over forty years. We offer repair and restoration of a large variety of art items and frames. Bonfoey’s can assess damaged artwork, repair, restore, and appraise pieces that have been destroyed. We are dedicated to helping our clients save their memories, heritage, and investments through the “Five R’s”:

  • Remove
  • Respond
  • Recommendations
  • Repair/Replace
  • Return

Once called, our focus is to go on site to assess and document the damage. This includes consulting with the client, evaluating the damaged artwork, and taking detailed digital photos of the loss.


The items must be removed from the damaged environment as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration. Our trained professionals arrive on site ready for artwork removal. We handle each piece with the expert care required to get it to our facility without further damage.


We react quickly to water, smoke, soot, and chemicals that are present when a loss occurs. Each items is immediately triaged and evaluated as it arrives in our facility. At this point, we take care of critical issues such as drying water-damaged items, quarantine of moldy items, and taking paintings out of their frames for further examination.


After stabilization of all items, we provide a written quote detailing what is necessary to bring the client’s artwork back to its original condition or as close to it as possible.


The repair of artwork consists of cleaning, restoration, replacement of all paper components in the frame (if necessary), and restoring or replacing the frame. Our goal is to find the most cost effective procedure to return an item to its original condition or as near to it as possible. If a piece is deemed not repairable or replaceable, our appraiser can assess the current value based on Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards.

living room with couches and coffee table
Photo by Sarah Jane on Pexels.com


Once the project has been completed we return your restored items and install them in your home or office for your convenience.

The Bonfoey Gallery is happy to help make a difficult situation of damaged work and do our best to make it easier for you. For more information, call us at (216) 621-0178 or visit our website

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