Floating Masks

The Bonfoey Gallery is often presented with unique and challenging works to frame. One of our latest projects included three paper mache Venetian masks traditionally worn for Marde Gras. DSC_0445The client had visited Italy and purchased the handmade masks from a family that has been producing them for generations. We were able to show different display options of masks and stands we have made in the past and create a plan for these beautiful pieces as they would be a birthday gift to the client’s husband.
The design team decided to have the masks at varying heights with different sized blocks and rods to create a dynamic display. Since each mask is so unique, the supports to hold them in place was hand made. DSC_0446For example, two of the masks have ribbons and the design team wanted to ensure that they could flow freely around the masks; giving a soft, playful appearance.
The color of the stands was chosen to compliment the masks. The gold leaf top of the stand mirrored the detail and illuminated the masks. The wood tone matched the brown shade as well.
Bonfoey’s delivered the stands to the client and assembled them on site. The client could not believe how well the design team turned her idea into a reality. Her husband was also surprised and delighted with the gift.
Stop in with your unique artwork or project, and let us create a one of a kind display for you! Contact us at (216) 621-0178 or visit the Bonfoey website for more information.

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