Marc Ross: Explanation of Process

Ross-TitalRhythms3-68x60-smMarc Ross works with acrylic paints and acrylic mediums along with pastels, pencils and color pencils on canvas and paper. He incorporates iridescent and interference colors to create light emanating effects as he builds up the surfaces on the canvas with multiple layers of translucent paint. Each layer is mixed independently using various brands of matte medium and pigments to achieve the correct viscosity and color translucency. The mixture is then poured through a strainer to remove any particles that would cause any imperfections in the paint surface. Once a layer is applied by brush, Ross might use sponges, sticks, rags, his fingers and an airbrush to create visual effects that show through the previous layer and might suggest how to treat the next layer of paint. Ross-CloudOfTheUnknown8-68x60-smOn a dried surface, he might apply pastels, pencil or color pencil markings to influence shapes or color value shifts that might show through when completed. As the surfaces build up, Marc Ross uses an electric sander to smooth the surface and bring forward colors and markings from previous layers. A completed painting could contain between fifteen to thirty five layers of translucent paint. Each painting gets a final application of matte varnish to assure that there are no unintended reflections on the surface. When the paintings are properly illuminated, all the layers of trapped light create a luminous, atmospheric, optical effect as viewed from a distance. When the viewer approaches the canvas, the light-reflected haze begins to dissipate into the canvas’ surface revealing the many layered details.


This process is also an important aspect of Marc Ross’ work. He lets every paint layer overlap the edges mostly revealing the order and colors that have been applied to the surface that create the final effect. Looking around the edges at the build-up of paint also serves to remind viewers that they are seeing nothing more than an illusion created by paint on canvas.


If you would like to see all of Marc Ross’ available artworks, you can find them on the Bonfoey website and currently hanging in our gallery at 1710 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115.

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