The Bonfoey Gallery is proud to offer installation as one of our many services and can be helpful to you in a plentitude of ways. If you order a frame with us, we can ship the finished item directly to your home and install it where you would like. Our professionals will expertly hang the item to ensure that it will stay put. If for some reason it falls, contact us and we will take care of it.

woman in grey shirt holding brown cardboard box
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Another example you could use installation is moving. If you have artwork that you’re worried will be damaged in the move, we will come and get the pieces, move them to the new location, and rehang them. Whether you are moving work from one home to another or switching business offices, we are happy to help. Have one less thing to worry about during a move by talking to us.

Your time is valuable and we can take some of the stress away from installing new work. Some pieces after framing become extremely heavy and our employees are trained and familiar with how to handle them not only to protect the item, but themselves from injury as well. They know how to maneuver up narrow staircases and have the equipment to hang high up on the walls. Instead of limiting yourself to where you can reach, give yourself the chance to place it where you really want it and know it will stay there safely and securely (not to mention level).

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If your artwork is extremely valuable, we can also use security installation which uses anchors or locks to secure the item to the wall. Either in a private or public location, this can give you peace of mind about your investments. Then if you move in the future, we can help get the security installation off that wall and onto the new one with no hassle to you. Our main priority is to keep your items safe and you happy with the results.

Bonfoey’s wants to make framing easy. Whatever the item and whatever the size, we want to help you get the design you want. If you have any need for installation or moving, contact us at or call us at (216) 621-0178.

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