Finished Mural

Image 3
The mural folded up, waiting to be hung.

With the help of The City Club of Cleveland, we now have a new mural on the side of our gallery! APE MADE (Art and Apparel by April Bleakney) designed the mural and was chosen through a contest. From there, Inflatable Images hung the work on the side of our building. We also want to thank LAND Studio for their help in coordinating and assisting with the project.

Image 2
Taking down the old mural

Inflatable Images arrived early Thursday morning ready to get started. Since the building is over 100 years old, we could not find an outlet outside and they had to use their generator for their tools instead. Fortunately, it did not take them long to get the old Bonfoey mural down and hang the new one. By the middle of the afternoon, the mural was finished.

Image 1When we went out after lunch to take picture of their progress, we saw how the workers would drill into the brick and then screw in the metal hooks. Each new catch pulled the mural tighter. They had started along the top and then did the sides before finishing along the ground. The lines from the mural being folded for transportation will disappear over time as the heat of the sun melts the material smooth.

Image 4The Bonfoey Gallery is excited to have this new art on our building and we look forward to having it for the next five years and possibly more!

Image 5

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