Bonfoey’s Getting a New Mural!


The Bonfoey Gallery has partnered with The City Club of Cleveland and LAND Studio who will be hanging a new mural on our far wall facing E. 17th St. The artwork was chosen through a contest of local artists’ submissions. From there, we acquired a permit from the City of Cleveland to approve the image and are now waiting for final permissions before beginning in the next week. The wall will be prepped before the art is added and will replace the small mural we currently have hanging. The plan is to keep the mural up for the next five years. At that time, the mural will be inspected and if it’s still in good condition, it may stay hanging for an extended amount of time.

Current wall and mural

Since the gallery supports and promotes the local art community, we are excited to have a mural on our building. Outdoor art has been booming around Cleveland and we are happy to participate. Stay tuned for more updates and the final display!

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