Bonfoey’s Experience with the CAN Triennial

How the CAN Triennial went from the perspective of an art gallery.

IMG_20180720_195327_718The CAN Triennial was a magnificent event and one that will definitely be something to look forward to in the future. Having so many amazing artists and galleries in one place made the art of Cleveland shine. I personally visited on the Third Friday event night and the place was packed with people. The art ranged from sculptures, ceramics, paintings, and photographs. Landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, and still lifes were available. More than once I felt floored by the skill and talent around me and proud that they highlighted Cleveland in so many fascinating perspectives.

IMG_20180720_195327_721Working with CAN (Cleveland Arts Network) was smooth and we had plenty of information involving set up, the hours of operation, and what we needed to do for set up, display, and take down. Since we are a small gallery, it was a bit hard to man our booth, but our gallery directors handled it marvelously. With their expertise, our booth was unique, bright, and colorful. Even in such a small space, they made sure to have plenty of works to peruse. They felt the Third Friday was the busiest evening throughout the entire two weekends and that certain times there was barely anyone there at all, which made time move slowly for them.

20180720_174111The only large problem we noticed was the lack of clear information. Some events were disorganized and we wish the galleries had set up a week earlier so that the booth space was ready for the benefit the first weekend of July. Although that party went well, many people were disappointed and confused that the galleries were not on display yet. Our artists who attended the event could have been seen with their work in our booth, but instead missed the opportunity.

20180720_174156The information seemed overly confusing due to the FRONT International going on at the same time. The CAN Triennial was not just the art at 78th Street Studios, but music and events all over the city. Trying to keep the scheduling straight was difficult and overwhelming. Granted, FRONT is here much longer and having both events at the same time is logical, but that also meant the CAN Triennial was lost in all the excitement of FRONT.

Overall, it was still a fantastic event to showcase the art community. Every event will have its problems and each time the planning and execution will become smoother. The Bonfoey Gallery was happy to participate in such an event and see so many people attend. We look forward to the next CAN Triennial!

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