Bonfoey at 78th St. Studios

DSC_0808This weekend is the opening of the CAN Triennial! Bonfoey Gallery is participating by having a booth at the 78th Street Studios (1300 W 78th St, Cleveland, OH 44102) for the next two weeks. We are showcasing artwork from Laurence Channing, Deb Lawrence, Marc Ross, Marilyn Farinacci, Erik Neff, Barbara Stanczak, Andrea Joki, Dana Oldfather, Julian Stanczak, Amber Kempthorn, George Mauersberger, Frank Oriti, Tim Lachina, Douglas Lucak, and Ruth Bercaw. The show will be open Saturday and Sunday, July 14-15th from noon – 6pm; Friday, July 20th from 5:00pm – 9:00pm; Saturday and Sunday, July 21-22nd from noon – 6:00pm. We have included information on the Bonfoey website.

George Mauersberger, Deb Lawrence, and Erik Neff’s work depicted

We started setting up our booth yesterday with our pieces that we drove over from the gallery. We started with the side walls and worked our way towards the center. Since the walls are made of panels, it was easy to center the pieces  and that helped make the exhibition neat and organized. The walls are very sturdy and we made sure to use the specific hanging materials suggested by 78th St Studios to ensure that we made the least amount of damage possible to ensure the location can reuse the walls in another event. Other booths painted their walls or added other features, but we decided not to. Not only will we have the hanging artwork, our booth will include two bins full of prints from a myriad of artists for your perusal.

Laurence Channing, George Fitzpatrick, Marilyn Farinacci, Tim Lachina, Marc Ross, and Frank Oriti’s work depicted

The CAN Triennial is a wonderful event for Cleveland and we hope you get the chance to come see us! Let us know what piece you like the most and what you thought of our booth.

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