The Lower Gallery

Bonfoey Gallery is lucky to have as much space as it does for displaying art. Not only do we have an amazing street-level gallery currently full of beautiful paintings by Julian Stanczak and sculptures by Barbara Stanczak, but we also have even more of their pieces in our lower gallery as well as pieces by other outstanding artists.

DSC_0629When you first enter the gallery, it may not always be apparent that more art is downstairs*. A small sign points the way and soon you find yourself in an even larger space than the ground level. We have ensured that plenty of lighting is used to highlight the pieces and make them shine. The space is open and welcoming.

dsc_0668.jpgThis past Saturday, we opened our new show, Harmonic Duality, and a few of our guests were unaware of the lower gallery. As much as we attempted to inform them, occasionally one would assume the only art on display was right there on the ground level. To be fair, other galleries may be small and that does not make them any less significant. Yet we fortunately have the space to show more and are saddened when a piece that shines downstairs and could be your new favorite piece is missed simply because we were not quick enough to invite you to see it.

DSC_0647So next time you decide to come visit, make sure to see both of our wonderful gallery spaces and don’t miss out on what might be waiting for you!

*We understand that those with physical disabilities might not be able to handle the stairs for which we apologize. Since our building is old, it would be difficult to add an elevator. We would still love for you to visit and not only is our ground floor gallery accessible, but so is our framing area which you may request a tour. We would be happy to accommodate you as much as possible.


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