Gary Bukovnik’s Adventures in Shanghai

Here at Bonfoey, we love knowing what our artists are doing and seeing their work in progress. Gary Bukovnik has been keeping us very well informed about his work in China as he prepares for a show at the Shanghai Expo this fall. It is a huge location and Gary is spending all summer painting in his studio for the exhibition.

Gary Paint 1Gary Paint 2His Shanghai studio is beautiful and spacious. Gary says the space, “is air conditioned , [has] natural light and the size is manageable!” This makes it easy for him to spread out the large pieces of paper and really get to work painting beautiful and vibrant flowers with his watercolors. He shows us his process of his palette and how the layers of watercolor builds to add depth and movement to each petal and leaf.

We are very excited for Gary and happy to share how hard he works to create such stunning pieces.

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