Dana Oldfather and Carbon Fiber

The Bonfoey Gallery is lucky to have great and talented artists like Dana Oldfather, who not only has worked with the gallery for selling her art, but has been a part of the Bonfoey team as Gallery Assistant in the past.


This week, Dana came in with new and unique work in the two series: Colored Egg for GZ and Lemonhead. Her focus is on how we see “bad guys” and that even people who have been incarcerated or imprisoned still deserve treats and sweets like colored eggs or candy. “GZ” is a reference to General Zod from Superman, who is the bad guy and Lemonheads are a type of candy. Her color scheme includes pastel colors and bright yellows which draw in the eye and create amazing depth and shape.


Dana Oldfather, Colored Egg for GZ 1, mixed media, 12 x 12 inches

The medium adds an even more complex and fascinating level to both series. A concern of Dana’s includes finding mediums that are long lasting and easy to maintain. As so many works fade or deteriorate over time, she wants to make sure her art is worth years of visual enjoyment. When addressing this issue of longevity to her husband, he offered a creative solution: carbon fiber.

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Dana Oldfather, Lemonhead 1, mixed media, 24 x 24 inches




As described in the video above, carbon fiber is extremely durable and is normally used in cars and planes. It is extremely lightweight and has a beautiful woven texture. To use it for art, Dana has the carbon fiber covered in resin and then uses layers of acrylic paint to create a way for the paint to bond to the slick, glossy surface. She then adds oil paint on top of that to create more texture and depth. In the end, Dana Oldfather has developed an entirely new medium that the art world has never seen before.

If you want to see these pieces in person, come visit The Bonfoey Gallery at 1710 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115, (216) 621-0178 http://www.bonfoey.com. You can also look at these pieces online here





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